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   South Texas Guide Service is now offering guided hunts for some of Africa ís and India ís finest exotics on 4,500 acres in Kinney County , Texas , near the town of Brackettville .  Hunts are conducted using a variety of hunting styles including safari style using high racks, spot and stalk, and traditional hunting blinds.  A variety of species are available including Addax, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Japanese Sika, Red Stag and Scimitar Oryx.  Hunts for both bucks and does are available for most species.  While our success rates are very high, success is not guaranteed. These exotics are free ranging, wild animals.  Pricing for exotic hunts includes a daily guide/access fee along with a trophy fee for each animal harvested. 


Daily Guide Fee/Access Fee:   $175.00 per hunter per day

            Fee includes:

                        Full-time guide

                        Ranch access

                        Transportation on the ranch

                        Game cleaning and quartering

Trophy Fees:
Blackbuck Antelope (bucks): $ 1,000.00
 Blackbuck Antelope (does):      $    400.00

 Axis Deer (bucks):   

$ 1,250.00
Axis Deer (does):  $    500.00  

Fallow Deer (bucks):

$ 2,000.00
Fallow Deer (does): $    500.00
Red Stag:                                 $ 2,000-$ 3,500
Scimitar Oryx:                          TBD
Addax TBD
Japanese Sika TBD